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10-Mile Dyke Hiking
News | 2023-3-27 | Views: 126
On March 24, 2023, the company's administrative department issued a notice calling for a hike at 10-Mile Dyke at 8:00 am on Saturday. Colleagues from various departments actively participated, and finally formed a team of more than ten people Group hiking.

At 8 a.m. on March 25, all the colleagues who participated in the activity arrived at the agreed place. The colleagues from the administrative department distributed water and bread to everyone, and everyone started hiking on time.

The two young engineers from the Budget Department have been energetic and far ahead in this event. As the youthful force of the company, young employees are the best time to display their spirit of daring to bear hardships and their youthful enthusiasm. This hiking activity not only improved the cohesion of the company's big family, but also enhanced the morale of young employees who shoulder the responsibility of corporate development! The future is promising and we will live up to our youth. Let us shine in our respective positions with a more optimistic attitude.

Hiking at 10-mile Dyke in March is a good season for cherry blossoms. The scenery along the way is so beautiful. When passing by the famous scenic spot Yuantouzhu in Wuxi, you can see an endless stream of tourists and crowds at the gate. One of the world's three major cherry blossom viewing resorts. The beautiful scenery of early cherry blossoms attracted the attention of all employees of the company, and everyone couldn't help slowing down the pace of hiking to appreciate the cherry blossoms in early spring in Wuxi.

In the end, it took one and a half hours for everyone to complete the 7.3-kilometer hike. During the hike, everyone has learned to persevere. When facing a long journey, we cannot give up easily, and we need to keep moving forward. This spirit of perseverance should be implemented in our life and work. Let's look forward to the next hiking activity together!
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