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Taiyo Yuden project self-inspection
News | 2023-4-12 | Views: 1002
With the smooth progress of the company's various projects, the company launched inspection activities on various projects in April. Changzhou Taiyo Yuden Project, as an annual key project, was conducted another inspection by the company's self-inspection team on April 12, 2023.

A professional self-inspection team composed of several senior engineers, based on their many years of experience in the industry, shared their own opinions on the deficiencies in the project one by one. While pointing out the problems, they also gave the project department suggestions and proposals for rectification based on facts.

After the inspection was completed in the afternoon, the self-inspection team held a meeting to discuss today's inspection agendas, and used the 5 why analysis method to conduct an in-depth cause analysis of each problem point that needs to be rectified to prevent the possibility of recurrence.

Only by continuous self-inspection and self-correction can we find problems in time, kill mistakes in the cradle, and give customers a satisfactory answer. Through the joint efforts of all colleagues in the project, the Changzhou Taiyo Yuden project is about to be delivered. We have the responsibility and the ability to make every project to be handed over as a qualified and high-class project.
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