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Temporary work from home during the pandemic
News | 2022-4-15 | Views: 109
On March 31, 2022, due to the confirmed cases of the COVID-19 in the community where the company is located, the office was temporarily closed, all staff were yellow coded, and all colleagues were isolated and worked from home.

On April 7, 2022, all colleagues in the office finally changed into green code. However, the company was still closed, so everyone decided to work in the warehouse located in Erhu Town as a temporary office.

Although the city's public transportation was paralyzed, colleagues in each district helped each other to solve the traffic problem. With the efforts of every colleague, everyone came to the warehouse to work on time every day. The female colleagues remained positive spirit and took a group photo on such a special day.

On April 14, the company was reopen, put an end to remote work and everyone has resumed to normal work.
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