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Great achievements from decoration business department
News | 2019-9-15 | Views: 468
This year, our company began to pay more attention to the decoration business. In addition to the office building decoration, our company also began to involve in the decoration of commercial stores and high-end villas.  
"Leading the new vision of design, innovating the high standard of construction" - adhering to this concept, we select an elite team and set up a decoration business department to provide more efficient and timely services to decoration customers.
In the field of decoration, we have certain advantages. We are specialized in mechanical and electrical installation, with more than 20 years of construction experience, and mechanical and electrical installation can be said to be the heart of decoration engineering, we are confident and able to create excellent decoration engineering for customers.
With our investment in decoration business, we believe that the decoration Department can go all the way through the war and create good results again.  

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