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Project self-inspection
News | 2019-7-25 | Views: 380
On July 20, 2019, the technical director of our company led our technical personnel to carry out self-inspection on the mechanical and electrical works of the second phase of the plant of THK(Changzhou) Co., Ltd. together with the personnel of the engineering department.   

In the morning, after the personnel are equipped in order, they will enter the workshop, cluster the clean room to the power distribution room, and check every detail carefully. If any problem is found, it will be corrected immediately and within a limited time. The completion self-inspection was carried out.   

After the completion of all inspections in the afternoon, all personnel of the self-inspection team will hold a meeting to sort out the problems in the process of self-inspection and require the project personnel to rectify within the specified time.   
In the process of self-inspection, young people are still a little green in practice, while experienced technology ministers are generous to give them patient explanations and guidance. I believe that in the future time after time, they will be able to rapidly grow into the technical backbone of the company.  
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