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Mid-2019 management meeting
News | 2019-8-20 | Views: 365
On August 17, 2019, our company held the mid-2019 management meeting.
Firstly, the output value and cost in the first half of the year are reviewed. Subsequently, all departments reported their work in the first half of the year.
As an engineering company, the work of the engineering department is the top priority. Therefore, each project manager also summarizes the projects he is responsible for, discusses the problems in the construction process, and proposes solutions.
During the meeting, the company made some adjustments in the management system and process according to the actual situation, striving to use simple process and rigorous management to suppress the problem from the source.
Finally, the general manager summarizes the meeting. The objectives for the second half of the year have been set and the meeting has been successfully concluded. 

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